Briony Marsh is an Australian womenswear label, designed for the luxurious bohemian.

Briony Marsh believes in making each and every woman feel feminine and beautiful.

Opulent fabrics and intricate hand embellishments form the basis of each collection.

Inspiration is drawn from world travel, from the fragrant markets of Jaipur to the raw natural beauty of the australian coastline.

Our designs are brought to life by talented artisans, whom I work with in India.  We appreciate and believe in keeping the incredible skills they hold, which have been passed down from one generation to the next.

Focussing on effortless silhouettes and quality finishes, my goal is to ensure Briony Marsh pieces are treasured for their enduring appeal.





Briony Marsh was born and raised on the magnificent southern coastline of Victoria, Australia. The raw beauty and openness of the countryside provided the perfect atmosphere for an imaginative child to nurture her creativity.

With the guidance of her mother, Briony learned to use a sewing machine at age eight. The first thing she made was a far cry from the bohemian confections she is known for today; “When I was about nine, I made a pair of Madras check shorts,” she laughs. “Thinking back they were pretty ugly, but my mum and her friends marvelled at how I got the checks to match on the side seams and I loved suddenly having the power to create something out of a piece of cloth.”

In high school she would trawl vintage shops with a discerning eye, altering and adding to her finds to get the look she’d seen in magazines and on her favourite stars. Briony had realised she was able to express her individuality through the garments she wore and her fashion journey had begun.


After high school Briony studied fashion, before working for a publically listed fashion company for four years. In this role she travelled extensively through Asia, gaining invaluable knowledge and skills that gave her a strong practical grounding.

Briony then started a freelance fashion design business, which allowed her to work flexibly whilst beginning the arduous process of building her label on the side. 

“I was on a steep learning curve, she says. “It was hectic but also a lot of fun because I could see how all of this was contributing to my dream.  Many of my friends were having fun backpacking or doing the requisite stint in London but I was checking out factories across Asia, working weekends designing prints for other labels and immersing myself in the business side of fashion. 

It was desperately unglamourous but I feel so fortunate that so many of the people I worked with were really nurturing and happy to generously share their knowledge.”


In 2009 Briony launched her eponymous label.  Since its inception Briony Marsh has gained a loyal following. Wearers love the bohemian-luxe aesthetic and the chic but relaxed styling that make the pieces so easy to wear. 

“I love hand embellishments, lace, beautiful prints and all things feminine.  I love vintage and exotic details, but I also think an effortless silhouette is really important.  We lead multi-faceted lives so we need our clothes to work for multiple occasions.” 

Briony’s fans appreciate that her pieces are the polar opposite of fast fashion - eschewing trends and transcending seasons.

“If you are buying a garment from my label I want the wearer to love it, feel good in it and wear it for many years – that is what good fashion is all about to me,” she says passionately.


All of Briony’s designs are created in India in factories Briony has researched, visited and deemed ethical. She personally knows many of the highly skilled craftsmen who complete the intricate beading and stitching for which she is known and delights in catching up with them on her regular trips to India.

“Ethical manufacturing is non-negotiable and a core value for my brand” says Briony “I don’t think we have the right to wear clothing to the detriment of the people who produce it – it sounds basic, but unfortunately not a given in our industry.” 

Now selling to over 80 boutiques around Australia and online Briony designs and works from her studio in Torquay, Victoria where she lives with her husband and children.

“Working around my little family and being creative is what I love. I love my business for the people I get to connect with and the relationships I’ve made and the best reward is when women tell me they feel amazing in one of our pieces.”